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1.  Retrospective cohort study of PGT-A with comprehensive chromosome screening versus non-PGT in normal karyotype, secondary infertility patients with recurrent pregnancy loss
2.  Carrier Rate Analysis of Single-GeneDisorders Based on 1000 Genome Project and ExAC Data
3.  The Effects of Vitrification on the Imprinted Gene Snrpn in Neonatal Placental Tissue
4.  Resveratrol attenuates malathion-induced damage in some reproductive parameters by decreasing oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation in male rats
5.  Extracellular vesicles in mouse testes elevate the level of serum testosterone
6.  Postpartum hemorrhage following cesarean delivery in women with a scarred uterus: a retrospective cohort study
1.  46,XY, 9(p24)dup(2q35q37.3) with cryptorchidism : a case report and literature review